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03/21/09 12:08 AM #5    

Jane Furlong (Lynch)

Linda and Murray,
I also want thank you for the time you've spent on creating this website and searching for classmates. Linda found me on "facebook", so I know you've been actively seeking classmates. It's much appreciated by those of us you have found.
Jane (Furlong) Lynch

03/26/09 01:44 AM #6    

Susan Erickson (Mitchell)

I want to thank you both's been a blast hearing from so many of my high-school friends. Not sure if I'll be able to make it up there for the reunion (going to TRY!) but appreciate you putting together this website so that we could all get back in touch with each other.

07/01/09 11:24 AM #7    

Phyllis (Phyl) Christopherson (Runzel)

Thank you Linda & Murry for all the work you and others have done to make this reunion possible. I am looking forward to attending the reunion now that I am living in the U.S. again.
Phyl Christopherson Runzel

07/16/09 08:55 PM #8    

Lezlie Prettyman (Olson)

Hi guys, thanks to both of you. You have pulled us together. I sooo sppreciate all you do . Great format, good feedback from the link system....thank you again. It comes at difficult time for me. You are they best!

07/23/09 11:59 PM #9    

Steven Olson

I'm Sorry but I won't be able to attend. Steve Olson

08/09/09 02:07 AM #10    

Andrew Decker

Murray and Linda,

Great job putting together the reunion. It was good to see everyone and I had a great time.

08/09/09 04:03 AM #11    

Craig Stibbe

Thanks to the Reunion committee and everyone who helped make the Reunion happen! Had a great time seeing everyone!

08/09/09 10:51 PM #12    

John Freeman

Just wanted to say what a good time I had at the reunion. I think I like my classmates more the older I get. Fun to see everyone. Will try to keep in touch with you all. Will look forward to the 40th.

08/09/09 11:11 PM #13    

Lynette Pudil (Bray)

Linda and Murray, Thank you for all the long hours and hard work you put into the reunion; it was a great evening; and you both are to be commended!! Thank You!! Also to all that helped; the whole crew! Good job!

08/10/09 05:49 AM #14    

Wendy Halberg (Langer)

Linda & Murray,
Congrats! The reunion was excellent! It was wonderful to see so many people who I'd not seen since 1974! Class of '74 is accomplished and wonderful, with much to be proud of. Thank you, Murray and Linda, for all your leadership and work on this reunion!! Your time and work is much appreciated!!

08/10/09 02:27 PM #15    

Geri Kulenkamp (Huston)

Thanks to the entire Reunion Committee. It was a nice evening. Looking forward to a 40th.

08/10/09 10:10 PM #16    

Greg Baker

I too want to thank the committee for all the hard work you put in to make this happen. I had a great time.(already looking forward to our 40th) I must also apologize for not remembering everyone. (you know who you are) I know I'll be studying the yearbook before the next one.

08/14/09 07:34 AM #17    

Cynthia Schanno

My classmates before me have said it all but I want you to know I share their sentiments... you guys did a wonderful job! Thanks for bringing us together; it was a great night!

08/17/09 09:40 AM #18    

Catherine Lewis (Jones)

As I drove the 8 hours back to Winnipeg, I had lots of time to reflect on a great reunion! It was worth every mile! Thanks Murray, Linda and the organizing committee. I have been very fortunate to be able to get to every reunion except the whole school reunion which would have been our 30th. Each one has been so worthwhile for me as I was able to spend time with different classmates at each one. I am also very aware that I am one of the lucky ones who had a positive school experience. Working in schools and having raised 2 daughters, I realize school can be a real nightmare for many students especially junior high and high school. I hope to see even more of our "Class of 1974" at the next one - it really is fun to connect.

08/17/09 12:39 PM #19    

Julie Janssen (Jorgenson)

Thanks to the committee that planned the reunion. It was fabulous! I hadn't been to one in a while so was really nice to touch base with many of our classmates.

Murray, awesome job on the website! It's a wonderful way to keep up with what people are doing. I wish more people would add pictures so we can connect the then and now. Now I can be sure that I'll know when the 40th reunion comes around. Thanks!

08/18/09 10:43 AM #20    

Michele Leabo (Dawald)

The reunion was a huge success thanks to Linda & Murray and the MANY hours they donated to the cause. Many thanks to them and the rest of the committee for making the night possible! My only regret is that the night went too fast and there were many classmates I missed talking to during the night, but had a blast re-aquainting with all of those I could!!!!!!!!

11/12/09 05:53 AM #21    

Wendy Halberg (Langer)

OMG :) Wonderful!!! The photos are great. Thankyou to Schwinni's husband for these and thanks to anyone else who contributed! I know a bunch of you got together to sort through the photos and worked on attaching names. Murray, thanks for seeing these all got posted. Fun, fun, fun!!!! A heartfelt thanks to all involved!

08/11/14 01:56 PM #22    

Karen Lauppe

Fantastic Reunion!!!!!!!  


08/13/14 09:58 PM #23    

Janelle Johnson (Schlick)

To everyone involved in the 40th Reunion - you all did a great job and I thank you for all the work!  It was great chatting with folks.  Looking forward to our 45th.


08/14/14 03:47 PM #24    

Susan Bream

Sorry I missed it!  It sounds like everyone had a great time.

08/14/14 07:26 PM #25    


Robert Gehrke

Murray thanks for maintaining the website and for all the work you and Linda and the committee put forth for the reunion.  It was nice to have the time to visit with so many.  I just wish I would have been able to visit with more of you.  We are looking forward to the 45th.

Bob Gehrke

08/14/14 08:27 PM #26    


Joseph Englund

It was indeed a wonderful reunion. Thanks for all the work you guys do.

08/24/14 01:23 PM #27    

Wendy O'Keefe (Wahlberg)

this reuinion was particularly special for me,  saw many people who haven't been to a reunion in a long time and it was good to see them.  linda, murray, cathy and the rest thank you for the great job you do.  maybe i can help with the next,  take care all,


08/25/14 10:06 AM #28    

Pamela Edgett (Piwko)

Sorry I missed it.  Would love to connect with folks.  I have always been out of town the weekend of the reunions.  Maybe next time!!

06/07/24 12:17 PM #29    

Paulette Fox (Boelter)



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